First Friday Fling ~ Art & Music Reception

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When: Fri, October 3, 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Where:  Main Street Gallery, Lakeport, CA
Description:  Red Lava Wines and musical performance by Michael Barrish’s original country tunes. A reception held on the first Friday of each month spotlighting artists currently showing in the Main Street Gallery, with music, hors d’oeuvres, and Lake County wines; student gallery open. Sponsored by the Lake County Arts Council. 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Free admission. Main Street Gallery, 325 N Main Street.

Just a short drive from Ukiah

10 Great Choices for Upgrading Your Home’s Windows (Part 2)

6. Bay. This style uses three windows at 35 deg or 45 deg angles. They can be fixed picture windows, casement, or double-hung. Bay windows are great in living rooms and master bedrooms, especially with a window seat. Their angled surfaces let in lots of light.
7. Bow. This is a rounded bay window. The shape is created by putting three, five, seven, or nine narrow casement, double-hung, or fixed windows a t 10 deg angles to each other.
8. Awning. This window is hinged across the top and opens outward from the bottom. The design is good for high locations, above a door or another window.
9. Basement hopper. This is the opposite of an awning, hinged at the bottom and opening in form the top. It’s usually used to let light and air into basements.
10. Geometric. These are fixed units that come in a variety of shapes. They’re used alone a s a accent, or above a large window or door. Geometrics add style

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and can bring light into large foyers and hallways.

10 Great Choices for Upgrading Your Home’s Windows (Part 1)

Windows can personalize a new home or add more value to an existing one, so know the styles available and the benefits each offers.

1. Double-hung. This is the most popular style. The top and bottom sashes move up and down independently, letting in more air. They’re a great option with young children or pets, since you can keep the bottom closed for safety, but open the top for ventilation. Most models have sashes that tilt in or come out for cleaning.
2. Single-hung. This very basic window opens only form the bottom. The top sash doesn’t move. They’re less expensive than double-hung, but can be hard to clean form the inside.
3. Casement. These are hinged on the side with a crank at the bottom that opens them. Older homeowners prefer casements to double-hung window you push up and pull down. The crank also makes for easy6 opening in hard to reach location, such a over a kitchen sink.
4. Sliders. This design uses panels that slide on a track. It sometimes includes a fixed middle panel, with two sliding side windows. It’s another good option for older homeowners because there’s not lifting. This style also provides great ventilation and big views.

English: Double hung window
English: Double hung window (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picture. This is simply a large, fixed window that gives an unobstructed picture of the view it provides. It is often combined with double-hung or casement windows on each side.

3 tips for taking better smartphone photos

The smartphone has become the everyday camera for many people, simply because it’s always on hand. But smartphone photos often aren’t so great, especially when you see them on a larger screen or printout.
Here are three ways to fix that:
1. Hold your smartphone steady. Smartphone photos turn out blurry if you don’t hold the phone steady. Today’s bigger, thinner phones can be harder to hold when taking pictures and most phone cameras don’t have image stabilization. Always hold the phone with two hands and, if possible brace your elbows against your torso or knees or on a table or chair back.
2. Don’t use the zoom. Smartphones don’t have big, bulky “opticalZoom” linses. Their “digital zooms” crop the image, so you can wind up with a splotchy, blurry shot. Instead, zoom with your feet: for a closeup, move in; for a wide shot, step back.
3. Check out some apps. Your phone’s built-in camera app is fine, but downloadable apps can give you big benefits. Instagram and Hipstamatic offer easy-to-use, on-touch filters. And you get added control form apps such as Camera+, Snapseed, and VSCO Cam. Many are free.

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The Kelseyville Pear Festival

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celebrates 22 years on Sat., Sept. 27, 2014. This is a family-focused event to showcase the greater Kelseyville area’s agritourism, history, local businesses, craftsmen and community services.
This is a fun filled day that starts off with a home town parade. Festivities include musicians, dancers and cloggers; horse demonstrations; antique cars, engine and tractor shows; quilt shows; art shows and an entire pavilion devoted to all things ‘pear.’ Food vendors offer an array of scrumptious selections. Wine and beer tasting along with pear margaritas round out the choices. Pear pies and desserts always sell out early.
Stroll down Main Street and enjoy the small town magic.
Just a short drive from Ukiah

Fabulous Flashback Car Show

A Ford Comète Monte-Carlo.

Fabulous Flashback Car Show
September 20, 2014
7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Fabulous Flashback Car Show – The crowning glory of Summer fun is Ukiah’s Annual Classic Car Show, organized by the Early Iron of Ukiah Car Club. The Fabulous Flashback Car Show is held the third weekend of September. On Saturday, over 300 vintage, antique and classic automobiles line the streets of Downtown Ukiah. For further details, log on to

FICO Score changes!

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Some of you may already know this but for those who don’t some recent changes are being made to the way FICO scores are being tallied. On August 7th, Fair Isaac Corp announced that it will discontinue using in its credit score calculation any unpaid bill reports where the bill was actually paid in its scoring. In addition it will give less weight for any unpaid medical bills. So if you have a client with a credit score on the edge of loan qualification and where trying to get qualified but couldn’t this might be the break they need. The new scoring model will roll out later this fall so check with your loan Brokers for more details on this issue.

Victorian Home In Ukiah

Victorian Home
Victorian Home

Westside Victorian Home in Ukiah,  four bedrooms two bath, large livingroom with fireplace, original built-ins, claw bath tub, large yard with detached studio or art room, oversized double car garage, covered patio, central heat and air, newer roof & siding…$320,000.00