Reasons to build your new home

Now is the time to build your new home:

Home values are falling and the mortgage market is still in crisis..if you want the best investment of your time and money in building a new home now is the time. 

1.  It’s a buyers market, land prices are often the biggest investment in building and prices have dropped as much as 30-50%.  Investors who have in the past bought speculative lots are not doing so with the current slowdown in the housing market.  This leaves land available for the buyers interested in purchasing the land a perfect time to build.

2.  Interest rates are excellent and are lower than those offer the previous three decades.

3.  Energy efficient and green construction is not only good for the environment but also good for the wallet.  Combining low maintenance, energy saving construction is the wave of the future and enhances your new home.  Building your new home not only can save you money in the down market but the future also with savings on your utility bills and maintenance of aging features.  If your looking for a builders who builds green homes in the Mendocino area give me a call I will be happy to direct you to a contractor who is Leed Certified.