Inexpensive Green Tips

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Going green can be expensive, here are a few things you can do to start heading towards green living..

1.  In a new kitchen, go light on the countertops, there will be an immediate payback.  Light colored countertops do a lot to save the environment, they reflect light upwards, thus reducing lighting cost for a room.

2.  Zone your heating and cooling means don’t use power, use power efficiently.  In most two-story homes, people spend their days downstairs, their nights upstairs:  It’s wasteful to heat and cool the whole house to the same levels simultaneously.

3.  Deep roof overhangs..roof overhangs extending a couple of feet beyond the exterior walls will shade the windows, plus they will help extend the lifespan of the average paint job by protecting it from the elements.

4.  Breath better..don’t build your garage attached to your house, you are just inviting automotive exhaust indoors..a lot of people forget about this, think respiratory.

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