Enviormental Sustainability At Home

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Toxic Plastic 3-Turn Over the Bottle and Look….Most people have heard of Toxic plastic 3 it is considered by many experts as to be one of the most dangerous, carcinogenic plastic ever created by man.  It can not be RECYCLED, it will sit in our landfills forever emitting carcinogenic chemicals into the air, water and soil.  This plastic has been approved by the FDA but we still use it in packaged foods, health care products etc.  Turn over any plastic container you have and see if it has a 3 or V stamped into the plastic.  The carcinogens leach into the products they contain, resulting in your eating PVC, or lathering it into your hair, brushing your teeth and much more.  When buying your plastic items be sure to check that they don’t have a 3 or V.

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