Your Home-A Bright Idea

Looking for a cost-effective way to increase security in your home and save energy at the same time?  You could put some of the lamps in your house on a timer-or you could consider wireless lighting.  Wireless lighting enables you to replace switches in your home with receivers that respond to radio frequency signals from remote controls.  It might sound complicated, but it’s fairly simple:  Disconnect the manual switches and replace them with dimmers.  Freestanding lamps that must be plugged into an outlet can be plugged into wireless receptors connected to the outlet.  You can even program one remote to operate multiple lights throughout your house, no matter the size.

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Aside from the ability to turn off a light downstairs when you’re already upstairs or turn on a light from anywhere in our home if you hear noise, the main benefit of installing a wireless lighting system is reducing electricity and energy consumption.  Wireless systems can range in price from as little as $30 to hundreds of dollars to equip your entire home.

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