Remodeling-Cost vs. Value

If your thinking of remodeling be sure to think about what will offer the best return on your investment. Instead of just storing Christmas decorations in your attic you may consider converting part of the attic into an extra bedroom, average cost is about $50,000 which you can recoup 72 percent of the cost when your sell.

On the other hand, the addition of a master suite average cost could be up to $200,000 will only recoup just over half of your investment.  If you have been thinking about sprucing up your outdoor space now may be the time to add a new deck.  The average cost is just over $l0,000 this investment will recoup up to 70 percent, wood will recoup up to ten percent more on your investment.  Some other investments include replacing windows with insulated vinyl or wood models, you can recoup up to 70 percent of this cost.  Remodeling a bathroom you could recoup up to 62 percent.  Just remember you never know when you will move so make the right choices in return on your investment!