Will The Rental Market Cool Down?

The latest housing reports are showing housing on the mend and many are reaching the conclusion that the worst is over, so what does this mean for the booming rental market?

The pick up in home sales has many analysts questioning how much longer the multifamily sector will see this kind of rapid growth.

Apartment rents are soaring in many markets and vacancies are falling.  Also multifamily housing starts

Street with midrise multifamily housing in Gle...
Street with midrise multifamily housing in Glenwood Park. Attributed to: EPA Smart Growth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

climbed 30 percent in July over year-ago levels.

“Apartments have had spectacular growth since the depths of the recession, and at a certain point that growth as to moderate”.

The increase in supply within the multifamily sector and high prices may make investors more leery, while apartment rents are still rising, they have shown signs of leveling off.

A strong housing market can c0-exist with a strong multifamily sector, for at least a little while.

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