Preparing Your Home For A Home Inspection

CORRECT ANY OBVIOUS ISSUES WITH THE HOME’S SYSTEMS AND APPPLIANCES.  Check your outlets and test all your GFCI units.  Clear any clogged drains, replace burned light bulbs, make sure gutters and downspouts are clear..remember details count!


CLEAN THE HOME.  Inspectors may not judge on cleanliness but a clean home makes the inspector’s job easier and give the impression of a proper upkeep.


CLEAR SPACE INSIDE.  Clear space under sinks, around appliances and in the attic or crawl space to give them access to plumbing and other home systems.


CLEAR SPACE OUTSIDE.  Trim shrubs, mow lawn and make sure there’s no dirt or debris touching the siding.


PLAN AHEAD FOR INSPECTION DAY.   You will need to be gone three plus hours during this inspection.


DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE RESULTS!  No home will be perfect, so on their report there will be negative remarks, most issues won’t be a deal killer.  Be aware there will be items that you will need to fix.