Your Local Handyman

The Singing Handyman
The Singing Handyman (Photo credit: ~Oryctes~)

Finding a handyman is like searching for gold.  When you find a good one, it is tempting to keep him a secret–after all, this is a resource you can depend upon for fixes all over the home.  From fixing cupboard doors to replacing the grout in the bathroom.  A great handyman who is available, can communicate well, is capable of a wide variety of jobs, who can trouble-shoot and think outside the box is worth quite a lot.  The great thing about hiring a handyman is that they are paid by the hour (plus materials), and you can save up a list of smaller jobs that you would like to accomplish.

Often, local handymen who are in business for themselves are not licensed, bonded or insured–so they charge less, but there is a level of risk in using them that you will have to judge for yourself.  Some companies provide handyman services, where the business ensures that there is property insurance and bonding, but they are usually higher in cost to the consumer.  It’s my recommendation that you hire a handyman that does carry the proper insurance to cover any accidents that might happen.

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