There are several things that you can do to establish credit even if you don’t currently have any credit cards or loans.

Step 1: Open an Account

Open an account preferably a checking account.  By paying bills via check and not overdrawing your account, you begin to prove that you may be a good credit sure to keep your monthly statements.

Step 2: Get a Secured Credit Card

Secured debt is backed by some form of collateral (usually a savings account).  The money deposited with the lender sits untouched unless you miss a payment.  This account gives the bank the confidence to take a “risk” on someone who doesn’t have an established credit history.


Step 3: Document Your Payments

If you’re already paying rent, utility bills, childcare, student loans and so on…you may be able to prove your creditworthiness by providing proof of timely bill payments.  Keep good records and ask for letters of recommendation from the individuals and businesses you make payments to.


Be patient…it takes time to establish credit.