Home Automation Systems Review 2014

home automation su iPad
home automation su iPad (Photo credit: Tekneco)

Home automation systems help you to bring the “Home of the Future” to your own residence, placing every light, appliance and device in your home at your command. With home automation software that allows you to create scripted events and macros, the possibilities for automated intelligent home control are quite nearly limitless. TopTenREVIEWS compiled a list of the best home automation systems available and ranked them based on their performance in a variety of categories. They looked at the feature sets offered by each system, including the performance of their triggers, the flexibility of their macros and additional features like voice recognition. The products were also rated on their level of compatibility with several popular applications like iTunes and WindowMediaCenter, as well as home automation products. Finally, they rated each system on its respective ease of use as well as the customer support that each service offered.

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