Want to improve your general brain health?

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The following tips may help boost mental activity and increase your intelligence, all of which can help your business!

  1. Keep Memorizing. There is no shortage of contemporary studies that show a powerful correlation between a strong working memory and overall intelligence. A good memory has also been shown to slow down mental aging. Start small by memorizing your to-do list or daily schedule, then step it up a notch and memorize scripts that can help you during meetings with clients. If you want to take it to another level, try learning a new language and use it to expand business contacts in your community.
  2. Mix it up. Do you have the exact same routine every single day? Falling into rigid patterns promotes mental passivity, the opposite of the kind of stimulation that keeps brains sharp. Try mixing things up a bit. Challenge yourself by participating in new activities. Join a softball league, a reading club, or even a theater group, which are not only fun but also great ways to expand you connections in you community. At the very least, play around with your daily schedule. The point is that too much regimen can dull the senses.
  3. Exercise. In his book Spark: The Revolutionary New Secience of Exercise and the Brain, author John J. Ratey, M.D., says if you want clear thinking, stress reduction, relief from depression, and more confidence in yourself, you only have to do one thing: exercise. All of which is sure to result in a better bottom line for your business, too!
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