10 Great Choices for Upgrading Your Home’s Windows (Part 2)

6. Bay. This style uses three windows at 35 deg or 45 deg angles. They can be fixed picture windows, casement, or double-hung. Bay windows are great in living rooms and master bedrooms, especially with a window seat. Their angled surfaces let in lots of light.
7. Bow. This is a rounded bay window. The shape is created by putting three, five, seven, or nine narrow casement, double-hung, or fixed windows a t 10 deg angles to each other.
8. Awning. This window is hinged across the top and opens outward from the bottom. The design is good for high locations, above a door or another window.
9. Basement hopper. This is the opposite of an awning, hinged at the bottom and opening in form the top. It’s usually used to let light and air into basements.
10. Geometric. These are fixed units that come in a variety of shapes. They’re used alone a s a accent, or above a large window or door. Geometrics add style

View out a window from a darken room. Fort Sam...

and can bring light into large foyers and hallways.