Rents on the Rise

Apartment rents in 79 U.S. metro areas were up, according to the Reis report. San Francisco and San Jose were among two of the cities experiencing fast rental growth increases, with rents increasing more than 6 percent. The Oakland/East Bay area also was on the rise, with rents up by 4.6 percent.

Palm trees lining streets in San Jose, California
Palm trees lining streets in San Jose, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6th Annual Holiday Boutique

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This popular event is hosted by the Ukiah Valley Girl Scouts. 75+ vendors/artisans/businesses. Kids craft tables, festive music, homemade Mexican food, baked goods, beverages and more.

Carl Purdy Hall, Ukiah Fairgrounds

November 29th 10 am to 3 pm

During an earthquake

  • If indoors, drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy table, desk or other piece of furniture, and hold on until the shaking stops
  • If there isn’t a table or desk near you, cover your face and head with your arms and crouch in an inside cormer of the building
  • Do not use a doorway unless you know it is load bearing, many inside doorways are lightly constructed and do not offer protection
  • Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall
  • If you are in bed, hold on and protect your head with a pillow, unless you are under a heavy light fixture that could fall. In that case, move to the nearest safe place.
  • Do not exit a building during the shaking. Research has shown that most injuries occur when people attempt to move to a different location inside the building or try to leave.
  • If outdoors, move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires to avoid falling debris.
  • If driving, stop as quickly as safety permits, avoid stopping under or near buildings, overpasses, and utility wires. Proceed cautiously after the shaking stops, roads, bridges or ramps may have been damaged
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Before an Earthquake

  • Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan
  • Secure items in your home that could fall during a quake, especially heavy objects and overhead light fixtures
  • Make sure water heaters, refrigerators, furnaces and gas appliances are strapped to the wall studs or bolted to the floor
  • Repair any deep cracks in ceiling or foundations, and be sure your residence is firmly anchored to its foundation
  • Identify safe spots to take cover in each room, such as under a sturdy table or against an inside wall
  • Hold earthquake drills with your family to practice “drop, cover, and hold on”

    Waterheater (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Kelseyville Pear Festival

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celebrates 22 years on Sat., Sept. 27, 2014. This is a family-focused event to showcase the greater Kelseyville area’s agritourism, history, local businesses, craftsmen and community services.
This is a fun filled day that starts off with a home town parade. Festivities include musicians, dancers and cloggers; horse demonstrations; antique cars, engine and tractor shows; quilt shows; art shows and an entire pavilion devoted to all things ‘pear.’ Food vendors offer an array of scrumptious selections. Wine and beer tasting along with pear margaritas round out the choices. Pear pies and desserts always sell out early.
Stroll down Main Street and enjoy the small town magic.
Just a short drive from Ukiah

Lakeside Family Fun Ride ‘N’ Shine Car Show

Lakeside Family Fun Ride ‘N’ Shine Car Show
Saturday, August 9, 2014
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Lakeside Family Fun & Event Center, 872 Lakeport Blvd., Lakeport
DJ Music, 50 & 60’s Band, Lots of Vendor Booths….Join us for a Day of Fun! and Dancing… Vendor Booths availible, Free Car Entry toShine, Pinup Girl Contest.
Call Regina Zombil at 707 263-4828 for more Information
Just a short ride from Ukiah

Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

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  • Water only in the late evening or early morning hours to reduce evaporation and interference from wind
  • Adjust sprinklers to prevent overspray and runoff
  • Repair leaks and broken sprinkler heads
  • Add 2”-3” of mulch around trees and plants to reduce evaporation
  • Upgrade to a “smart irrigation controller” that automatically adjusts watering times for hotter weather, and shuts down the system when it rains
  • Install water-efficient drip irrigation systems for tress, shrubs, and flowers to get water to the plant’s roots more efficiently
  • Replace a portion of lawn with beautiful native and California friendly plants
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks
  • Get a self-closing nozzle for your hose
  • Install covers on pools and spas to reduce evaporation

Job Growth

Leadenhall Building / May 2014 II


Higher mortgage rates will be “a headwind” for home buyers.

“Job growth continues to be strong in California and that means people feel more comfortable buying a home and mortgage credit has been very, very tight for the average person.

Job growth hasn’t been evenly distributed throughout the state, however. That means employment’s cushioning effect against the Fed taper will be felt differently in different housing markets.

Job growth has been especially strong in the technology sector, which benefits Northern California and certain pockets of Southern California.

As a result, the taper might be felt more intensely in those areas because they don’t have much job growth to offset its effects.