A Taste of Redwood Valley

Ripe grapes in early September in the Redwood ...

Saturday November 22nd at 11:00 am

This is a rare opportunity to taste the wines and catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of small producers. Many of the wineries will have artisan foods and works of art for sale. BARRA of Mendocino/Girasole Vineyards will present a “Medieval Holiday Faire” with local artists and their creations from jewelry to jellies! There’s something for everyone. Please bring your own glass.

3 tips for taking better smartphone photos

The smartphone has become the everyday camera for many people, simply because it’s always on hand. But smartphone photos often aren’t so great, especially when you see them on a larger screen or printout.
Here are three ways to fix that:
1. Hold your smartphone steady. Smartphone photos turn out blurry if you don’t hold the phone steady. Today’s bigger, thinner phones can be harder to hold when taking pictures and most phone cameras don’t have image stabilization. Always hold the phone with two hands and, if possible brace your elbows against your torso or knees or on a table or chair back.
2. Don’t use the zoom. Smartphones don’t have big, bulky “opticalZoom” linses. Their “digital zooms” crop the image, so you can wind up with a splotchy, blurry shot. Instead, zoom with your feet: for a closeup, move in; for a wide shot, step back.
3. Check out some apps. Your phone’s built-in camera app is fine, but downloadable apps can give you big benefits. Instagram and Hipstamatic offer easy-to-use, on-touch filters. And you get added control form apps such as Camera+, Snapseed, and VSCO Cam. Many are free.

English: Acer beTouch E400 smartphone