I love my career! I enjoy helping buyers and sellers find the perfect home, commercial property and land or help them sell their property! I have many wonderful clients who have bought there first home and many more from me. I take great pride in the relationships I have developed and the friendships that will last a lifetime. Below are real testimonials from my clients… Thank you, as always, for taking the time to view my website! ~Patty

Patty is wonderful! Ms. Bacik of Mckinleyville

What we liked best about Patty was the way she was helpful in ways such as helping us get utilities going in our new home. MR. & Mrs. Cerrutti of Willits

Patty is amazing! Mr. Crudo of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is the best!!! Ms. Peterson of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is on top of everything! I would recommend Patty and often do. Ms. Johnson of Citrus Heights

Excellent communication with long distance seller, very knowledgeable about the market! Ms. Nervo of Anderson

She was above and beyond excellent! Patty McMillan was great. We were buying from a very difficult seller and Patty did all she could to make things work out and move along the sale. Mr. & Mrs. Caruso of Redwood Valley

Everything was handled perfectly!! Extremely impressed…. Again!! Ms. C of Santa Rosa

Patty McMillen is an awesome Realtor. A real go getter and made sure our home buying process was amazing. We would recommend her anytime and we will. Mr. & Mrs. H of Ukiah

Patty has proven to be the most effective realtor while having our listing. Her networking skills have led to more showings than all previous realtors combined. She has a great personality and follows up on all questions we may have. Our property is unlike most and requires a skilled individual such as she. We’re lucky to have her as our Realtor. Mr. L of Ukiah

Patty (McMillen) was great! She communicated frequently about the process and answered our many, many questions quickly. She advised us on things we could do to improve the sale. Ms. P of Grass Valley

Very professional. We always knew we would use Patty when we sold. She sells houses! and is very familiar with the area and process. Mr. L of Hillsboro

Everyone involved did a wonderful job. (Denise Ridley and Patty McMillen) Mr. M of Wilowbrook

Everything was great and worked out perfectly for us. Many thanks to Patty (McMillen). Ms. B of Fort Bragg

Our agent always considered our needs and interests first. She took care of all the inspections & subsequent necessary work to make the property salable. Our interests came before the 6% commission! NOTHING! The entire experience was very comprehensive & efficiently handled. Mr. & Mrs. K of Cloverdale

Patty McMillen handles all issues quickly & with positive results. I really didn’t have to worry about issues that came up, I knew Patty was handling them. My last experience with a realtor was not a positive experience. But Patty McMillen was great & I appreciate all her hard work in the sale of my home. Mrs. A of Ukiah

Great Cookies! Patty was above and beyond what I expected. I looked at a house next think I know I was in escrow. She handled everything and kept me so up to date she’s amazing. You hire professionals that know the area and local people. Give Patty a vacation, she’s the hardest working woman I know. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Patty. Ms. W of Ukiah

“Patty McMillen is the” Best Realtor I have had the pleasure of working with. “When asked, would you recommend Realty World Selzer Realty to your friends and Family client responded,” Yes, you are the best! Prompt handling of situations, always had a phone call returned, never had to wonder and wait, was always in the know. Have all of your realtors be Patty McMillen. Ms. C of Hopland

Thank you very much Patty for all of your help in the process of my house purchase. I am really impressed by your professionalism and patience. Ms. H of Ukiah

“Patty McMillen is by far, the best realtor I know. I have had the pleasure of working with her in the purchase of three homes, and I recommend her to everyone without hesitation. She is a true asset to Selzer Realty.” Ms. R of Ukiah

“Patty did a great job looking out for me” Mr. M of Ukiah

“Dear Mr Selzer:

I desire to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for all your assistance in the financing and redeeming sale of the ranch. I only wish I had listed with you professional organization three years ago, but having left the area in 2007 it was all I could do to keep dealing with the declining numbers since the crash of 2008 and watch with with despair the demise of a dream. In such economic times that have incurred such personal hardships for so many, it is truly remarkable to have a resource such as Selzer Home Loans and Selzer Realty World in the community!

As you know, I was walking the plank to complete financial ruin, and with that the monumental rebuilding of resources that flew from my accounts as I attempted to stay above water… so, I cannot thank you enough for everything which especially includes Patty McMillen.

I truthfully do not know what I would have done without Patty at the helm. She went way beyond what any real estate professional has ever extended to me and most importantly, she honored her every word and stood fast to execute what others who had gone before had failed to do. I felt as if she genuinely cared and understood the personal lives that were moving up and forward behind the contract and what both the Buyer and Seller required to feel safe and secure in such a market, and be willing to step up to close the deal.

Much sacrifice has been the theme of my life these past five years through trying to get that Ranch sold to someone who loved the olive trees as much as I did, and Patty went to the stratosphere and back, deferring her own commission until the Buyer could refinance or sell his own property and I could then compensate her for all the miracles she performed. And, until my last days on this Earth, I know they were miracles, and I will be forever, forever grateful!

Ms. O of Mount Shasta.”


“Patty McMillen is exceptional as an agent.” What did you like best about working with us? “Attention to detail and assistance in entire transaction”. Ms. C of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is the best agent I’ve even known. A good person too! Mr M. of Palo Alto

(I liked) working with Patty, she sold me the house I just sold, almost 18 years later. Mr. D of Seatac

Quick & efficient staff! Patty McMillen & her team are great! Thank you! Mrs. O. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is great to work with! Mr. & Mrs. B of Ukiah

Patty McMillen was awesome!! A.M. C. of Petaluma

Patty was great! if we have future needs we would ask her first. S.B. & G.B. of Ukiah

Patty is the MOST helpful and cares about her clients! B.F. of Lakeport

Fantastic Experience! Why waste time with other offices. Your office is truly th best in the area. Many thanks! JC & MC of Ukiah

Patty is amazing! She went above and beyond for me, so happy with my decision to buy and work with Patty! C.J. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen was very easy to work with and made herself available at all times either by phone, email or in person. Great service!! W.P. of Lakeport

I would check all boxes that pertained to my situation as completely satisfied. Patty McMillen was great! This was all done long distance. Thank you! G.G. of Loomis

Working with Patty McMillen was the most positive experience ever in my years of Real Estate activity. She was the most proactive, informed and professional person I have ever met! WOW! Mr. & Mrs. B of Ukiah

Completely Satisfied. G.L. of Ukiah

We were SO happy we were able to do a short sale before the foreclosure date. Your agents made the process easy! Thank you. A.P. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen and Denise Ridley were Great! C.G. of Willits

This purchase for me as a buyer presented many challanges as did dealing with the seller, our agent, Patty was excellent! B.S. of Ukiah

Give Patty a raise!! L.S of Ukiah

Excellent service – helped my get the right home! D.B and H.C. of Ukiah

Patty was great to work with – no nonsense, patient, got the job done in a timely manner. C.C. of Ukiah

“I wanted to bring to your attention what an outstanding realtor Patty McMillen has been for us. She worked tirelessly to sell our home, while finding the perfect new home for us…. Patty remained calm and professional at all times. She promptly returned all our calls and emails while answering all of our questions like a pro. Now that all of the dust has settled, I can honestly say I don’t think any other realtor in Ukiah could have produced the amazing results that Patty achieved for us. She is a consummate professional who truly loved her job and cares about her clients needs. We are now in the process of settling into our new home and have never been happier. C.B. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is a wonderful agent. We had complete confidence in her. G.S. & T.S. of Kelseyville

Patty was great! 🙂 K.R. of Ukiah

Just again to state what a star Patty McMillen is. She was fantastic in every way! H.C. of Ukiah

Two words: Patty’s GOOD. H.B. of Sprague River

Patty McMillen did an outstanding job. H.P. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is a wonderful and caring person. S.S. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen was very efficient, and kept us informed, living in another state she did a fine job. T.G. of Klamath Falls

Patty is very professional and I told her so. G.M. of Ukiah

Excellent help, hand-holding and advocacy on our behalf as buyers and sellers. G.M. of Ukiah

Patty is a go-getter, she is a keeper – “hang on to this woman” Great service, always upbeat, very professional. P.D. of Ukiah

Patty went above and beyond my high expectations!! M.M. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is fabulous! I appreciate her integrity as and agent and person! I have referred someone to Patty already! L.W. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen was very professional, knew the market perfectly, and got a great deal in a timely way. M.M. of Livermore

Patty went above and beyond. The listing agent was no help so she had to work extra hard and we really appreciate all she did for us. C.J. of Redwood Valley

Patty McMillen is the BEST!!! As out of town buyers in an unknown area we really had to rely on our agent for a lot of insight and to help us with problems, questions, and concerns. She was always there for us, always kept us well informed and always went the extra mile. She is and should be considered an asset to Selzer Realty. Our thanks to Patty and to Selzer for a truly unique experience. G.G. and B.G. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen was professional, knowledgeable and timely with all communication. She made the precess easy. We would highly recommend her to our friends. N.K. of Ukiah

Patty did and excellent job. K.D. of Ukiah

Patty is Fabulous! M.V. of Ukiah

Patty M. was patient, open, humorous and fun to be around not to mention her knowledge of the local market. The best!  R.I. of Ukiah

When I need service again you are it!! Thanks! B.K. of Ukiah

Patty was wonderful, patient and prompt! D.K. of Ukiah

Patty was very helpful and very understanding of our housing needs. Patty was great! P.L. of Ukiah

Thank you very much! T.H. of Ukiah

We can’t say enough about how great Patty was to us! R.C. of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is your greatest asset. She exemplifies what an agent should be. V.R. of Redwood Valley

Continue to employ excellent people like Patty McMillen. W.B. & N.B. of Willits

Difficult deal due to lack of cooperation by seller. Patty persevered and got us in our new house. Many Thanks. H.C. of Ukiah

Thank you! K.P. & E.P. of Kelseyville

She is the BEST! R. Patel of Ukiah

Patty did a great job! Mr. O of Sparks

Patty McMillen is our “go to” Agent for all transactions! C. Callahan of Ukiah

Patty McMillen hit the ground running on day #1. Her attention to detail is outstanding. We had more contact with Patty (and clients) in three weeks than we did in six months during our first listing. FULL TIME Realtors are the only way to go. R. & J. Millard of Ukiah.

Everything went smoothly and we were very pleased with Patty. J. Borges Redwood Valley.

Patty started working with us long before we listed, giving us good advice and suggestions. Patty McMillen is the best! She’s very organized and kept us up to date on everything. She’s very calm so if we worried about something she would talk us through it. She acts and looks very professionally. Patty went way beyond what we would have expected. She’s worth every penny! S. Callahan of Ukiah

Patty McMillen is fantastic! -Dave Hull of Ukiah

Patty went out of her way to help this experience, fast and professional. – M. Edwardsen of Ukiah

I’m confident we were not the ideal sellers. We were three adult children having to sell our deceased parents’ home where we grew up. It was an emotional & difficult process for us. We had to pack up, move and/or haul away 50 years of living from a large house (apparently our parents kept nearly everything from those 50 years). In addition, it was an older house that continually sprouted new problems requiring immediate attention. To complicate matters, all three of us lived at a distance.

I expected expertise & experience from a real estate agent, both of which Patty provided in spades. I was not expecting the exceptional level of customer service that she offered, as it went above & beyond her job description.

Patty was always polite, responsive and on top of things. In addition, she was aggressive in selling our family home while being respectful of the emotional toll on us (our emotions often got in the way of being able to make expedient decisions). Most impressive, however, was that Patty provided a wealth of resources (herself in many cases) to address problems we faced and/or could not handle ourselves because we lived out of town. For example, she arranged for a local charity to haul items away a three-car garage stuffed to the gills with just about anything and everything, she found buyers for certain items that were worth selling, she monitored construction and repair work at the house, and she regularly checked on the house. The house was vacant & we were at a distance. So, it was reassuring knowing that Patty was carefully watching it for us. Patty is truly wonderful at her job. – C. Campbell of Ukiah

Patty was with me every step of the way. I live in Illinois and she made the process painless. J. Achnbach of Glen Carbon

Everything was handled professionally yet with small town care. Patty was the best we could have used and we’ll recommend her to everyone! C. Burica of Anacortes